Custom Secure Backup Solutions

Storage and bandwidth designed to scale with your needs. We offer backup plans from 250 GB to 500 TB and beyond. Bandwidth transfer options range from 250 GB/mo. to unlimited.

Using FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over TLS) we have the ability to provide clients with higher upload and download speeds versus browser based products. While HTTPS is limited to one or two threads, FTPS can provide up to ten simultaneous transfers. This technology reduces the time it takes to transfer files over the web.

Your data is encrypted from source to destination using AES-256 ciphers, and Transport layer security (TLS 1.2). Minimum standard encryption strength of RSA-1280 bit for all connections. RSA-4096 bit encryption is available at no additional charge.

Depending on your business need, data is stored on SSD (Solid State Drives), mechanical SAS, or SATA. All data is stored in our Spartanburg, SC Datacenter. Once data has been uploaded to our facility, it is automatically encrypted using a method which conforms to the FIPS 140-2 certification.

The Datacenter

Within the datacenter, incremental backups are performed nightly. Full backups are performed weekly. In addition to onsite backups, all weekly backups are encrypted and stored offsite in the event of a complete disaster.

The Spartanburg datacenter has redundant cooling systems, uninterruptable power supplies and multiple internet connections. In the event of a full system failure (natural disaster), contingency plans are in place to restore service within 48 hours. Four and eight hour SLA’s are available for an additional fee.