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According to the 2015 North American Camping Report *51% of all campers stated they go online at least once a day while camping, and 41% said that having free Wi-Fi influenced their decision regarding what campground to stay at. In fact, according to the study, free Wi-Fi ranked as the third most important amenity, behind clean bathrooms and kid-friendly environments.

51% of campers go online at least 1x a day while camping

As the demand for near continuous Internet connectivity continues to increase, your ability to provide this “must-have” amenity to existing and potential campers will help set your campground or RV park apart from those who do not.

Free Wi-Fi ranked as the 3rd most important campground amenity, behind clean bathrooms & kid-friendly environments.

A surprising 2013 study** showed that 69% of employed vacationers planned to bring a work-capable device with them on vacation and 67% of these said they expected to use the device for work-related purposes while vacationing.

Egan Technology Services provides fast, reliable and affordable Wi-Fi coverage to meet the ever-increasing demand of vacationing consumers in campgrounds and RV parks. Each Wi-Fi Solution is custom tailored to fit your needs. We provide enterprise level equipment from the best wireless manufacturers in the world including UniFi and Cisco’s Meraki.

High Performance Connectivity Indoors & Out

ETS’ wireless access points and bridges support peak performing 11ac Wave 2 speeds and the demands of busy campgrounds. Indoor and outdoor APs provide fast, reliable connections in high-density common areas and recreational facilities throughout the grounds.

Extend the Network from One End to the Other

Provide broad-reaching Wi-Fi access to users throughout the campground. Extend the network via a point-to-point wireless link up to five (5) miles and between buildings to eliminate the cost of permitting, trenching and running cable.

Flexible, Scalable Network Management

The Neutron Series is highly flexible and scales to meet the needs of a single site or multiple camping properties. The solution enables campground personnel to quickly deploy, manage and update an unlimited number of APs and switches regardless of network size, all from a single location.

Lower Costs = More $$ for Campground Amenities

ETS offers an industry-leading price-peMotorhomerformance value, delivering enterprise-class performance at affordable prices without license or subscription fees. ETS’ solutions help keep Wi-Fi capital and operational expenses low so campground operators can deploy reliable Wi-Fi network within tight budget constraints.

Create Additional Revenue

Turn your Wi-Fi Solution into a revenue-generating asset for your business. By implementing tiered service levels that can be both “free-to-use” or “pay-to-use,” the revenue is yours to keep. Create a fully customized login process with a landing page highlighting your business’s unique attributes as well as redirects of your choosing. Using this method, Wi-Fi pays for itself and more.

Group SiteProtect Your Property

Utilize your Wireless system to streamline your business. Set up remote cameras to protect the security of your property, get the most out of your point-of-sale systems and bring your vending or merchandising to the next level.

24/7 Customer Support Services

We are there for you when you need us the most, 24/7/365. Our dedicated US-based Network Operations Center (NOC) in South Carolina monitors your Wi-Fi solution proactively to ensure a remarkable customer experience. Whether you have a simple configuration question or need the assistance of our site design services, ETS offers a full product support system with CWNA-certified Field Application Engineers and Customer Service Technicians. Get the pre- and post-sales support you need to confidently deploy a high-performance network for your campground and guests.

Quickly Reach Team Members with the Push of a Button

ETS’ cordless phone systems and durable handsets deliver long-range reliability throughout expansive properties. These expandable systems are easily deployed in existing PBX and IP-PBX systems. Push-to-Talk Broadcast and Two-Way Intercom provide quick, discrete contact without dialing, keeping staff connected. Choose between multi-line or single-line systems.

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