Spartan Wi-Fi


Spartan Wi-Fi is a public wireless network in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina. The system is a unique partnership between businesses and restaurants in Spartanburg & Egan Technology Services.

Spartan Wi-Fi provides convenient Internet access in Spartanburg, SC, and promotes the downtown area as a destination. Visitors can easily search for hours of operation for shops and restaurants, upload photos of their visits in real-time from their device without worrying about cell phone data charges.

The best part of Spartan Wi-Fi? The service is free!

How can I access the Spartan Wi-Fi network?
The Spartan Wi-Fi network is available to all users who have accepted the terms of use and privacy policy. To access the service on your laptop, smartphone or other device, connect your device to the wireless network named “Spartan Wi-Fi.”

How is a location selected for Wi-Fi access?
Spartan Wi-Fi is offered as an amenity by local businesses to customers, guests and residents in downtown Spartanburg, SC.

Are there any plans to extend Wi-Fi service to other areas in downtown Spartanburg?
Wi-Fi will be expanded as additional business in Spartanburg, agree to participate. Encourage your favorite establishment to participate today!

How much it cost for my business to participate in Spartan Wi-Fi?
Spartan Wi-Fi depends on local business to host repeaters. A repeater is a small electronic device that extends the range of the Spartan Wi-Fi signal. Participating businesses receive a free repeater, installation and 24×7 support at no charge. To participate, email or call 864-208-1669.

Is there a possibility to advertise my business on the Spartan Wi-Fi network?
Businesses may advertise on the splash page that users see when connecting to the wireless internet. Email inquiries to

Who’s responsible for providing Wi-Fi access in downtown Spartanburg?
Spartan Wi-Fi is provided in collaboration with businesses in Spartanburg, SC, and Egan Technology Services.